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Marlowe Leaflet - Violet Upgrade FOR WEB

Benefits of Thermal CTP

Daylight Operation

With Thermal CTPs you no longer need a designated space with safe light operation. All plates are UV safe.

Automation available

All models offer automation for plate loading for up to 3 plate sizes and 300 plates at a time. This means less time hand feeding plates and more time for other jobs


Smaller footprint

If you chose to run chemistry free and manual load, the footprint required is greatly reduced, freeing up valuable space in your studio.



Up to 21 plates an hour

Thermal CTP’s can produce plates up to 21 plates an hour. Combined with automation, this streamlines your production.


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Chemistry Free Operation

Thermal CTPs support a wide range of plates including the leading, full chemistry free plates. This means less space, no waste, and lower cost.


New RIP and PC

Most Violet systems are no longer supported and the RIP software is outdated running on unsupported windows OS. Thermal CTPs are compatible with the latest RIP’s running on Windows 10.


In-line Punching

Thermal CTPs can be fitted with in-line punching to match you press/presses so your plates come out ready for press. No more manual punching every plate.


Fully supportable

Violet CTPs are end of life and parts are limited making it very difficult to support them. Thermal CTPs are fully supportable and our team of engineers are fully trained with direct access to parts from the manufacturers.

We support the following manufacturers, and more ...

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*prices based on lowest cost CtP machines. Prices will vary depending on equipment covered.

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