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Green Credentials

Marlowe Digital has a highly responsible attitude to the environment both in terms of its approach to servicing customer's products and with its own internal organisation.

Recycle and Repair

Our servicing philosophy is to keep devices and system operating to their optimum performance until they really have reached an end-of-life condition. By taking this approach, we eliminate the need for premature replacement, saving the use of raw materials and customer expenditure.

As long as there is no impact on performance and long-term reliability, we often use recycled, repaired or alternatively sourced parts, to ensure minimum waste of resources and dramatic cost savings for our customers. This is the opposite approach taken by many manufacturers who consign many repairable assemblies to the scrap heap.

Within our own offices, we have a green and lean culture whereby consumables are recycled where possible, a careful eye is kept on the use of energy resources and our stock inventory is kept as low as possible without risking response times to customers.


In this way, we constantly strive to improve our carbon footprint, with the added benefit of lower end prices for customers.

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