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Inkjet Consumables

By supplying the highest value solvent inkjet inks on the market, with the option to maintain the use of compatible cartridges or convert to volume supply, Marlowe Digital brings real savings to users of Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and HP inkjet printers.

The inks, available from Marlowe Digital and manufactured by Sun Chemical, have been formulated to have similar colour and physical properties to your original manufacturer's inks, providing 'no fuss' switching by maintaining your existing colour profiles and printer settings.

The highest quality pigments are used throughout the range to ensure that maximum brightness and colour strength combine with extended outdoor life. These high quality colours also benefit from reliable adhesion and excellent jetting properties which ensure long print head life.

In addition to OEM compatible cartridges, we offer a full conversion service to provide a high volume ink supply for many inkjet printers. This allows users to take even greater advantage of the superb capabilities, qualities and economies of Sun Chemical inks.

Converting to volume supply could not be easier.


Marlowe Digital provides the same high-value support for the entire process including a

12-month warranty, making the benefits irresistible. And once you are up and running, we make repeat ordering of supplies easy.

We support the following manufacturers, and more ...

If you don’t see your product listed here, please contact Callem Kingsley
on to see if we can help you.​

*prices based on lowest cost CtP machines. Prices will vary depending on equipment covered.

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