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Prepress Audits

Just like any high technology, the performance of your prepress installation will deteriorate over time. From overworked computer processors through inefficient file flow to CTP lightsources with diminished output, each accumulative problem will eventually affect your ability to process jobs productively and to the right quality.

Marlowe Digital's approach to this problem is its unique audit service which looks at your prepress solution both holistically, to evaluate overall productivity, and in detail to define the performance status of specific components such as RIPs, inkjet proofers and CTP devices.

The audit will make recommendations on how to restore performance by tuning, servicing or replacing components as necessary. The work required can either be carried out by us on an ad hoc basis or by your own in-house team.


Once complete, we advise enrolment in one of our flexible service contracts to maintain the standards which we know will keep your customers smiling.

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