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Inkjet Printing

With its factory-trained engineering team, Marlowe Digital provides service and support for inkjet technologies ranging from proofing devices to wide format and ultra-wide.


Our experience has made us aware of the parts that need the most attention and replacement, so keeping your equipment up and running and producing high-quality imaging output is second nature.

Diagnose Problems Quickly

Dampers which sit directly on the inkjet heads, protecting them from foreign particles and also trapping air, are prone to problems causing drop-outs in the print and subsequent loss of production. These and many other problems are easy to diagnose by one of our trained engineers who will get you running again with minimum fuss and expenditure.

With an experienced eye on your budgets, we offer cost-effective service contracts as well as inkjet conversion to Sun Chemical inks for solvent printers such as those manufactured by Mimake, Mutoh, Roland and HP.

The conversion offers massive potential savings and no compromise on quality or operational efficiency.

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