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Case Study - Presstek UK



For years, Presstek UK manufactured and supplied various CTP devices including the Vector CTP. Due to key part of the plate manufacturing process becoming unavailable, they had to stop manufacturing, leaving the CTP’s redundant and obsolete. Marlowe, having just agreed a deal to take over the servicing for Presstek CTP’s in the UK, then had to find solutions for all affected customers. Of course, most customers were not planning investments in the near future so our aim was to help the customers continue producing with minimal effect to their business.


We pooled together various resources to find the most cost effective solutions, tailored to each individual customer. Whilst the stock levels of reserve plates began to drop, our sales team began contacting all customers affected to find out what their needs are and how we can help them going forward.

The main factor for us being able to help was by utilising our StudioRIP software. The Vector CTP systems ran of a very old version of HQ rip that couldn’t be upgraded meaning any possible solution, needed a new front end. Our StudioRIP is extremely versatile and cost effective and enabled us to offer a range of options.

For low plate users with single/two colour print requirements, we paired our StudioRIP with Pressteks JT plate software, a revolutionary system that uses a standard Epson printer with OEM inks to produce short run litho plates, all for a fraction of the cost of a thermal system.

Customers with needs of a higher quality system, we were able to offer very competitively priced thermal CTP systems, again paired with our StudioRIP. As we carry out all refurbishments in house, and have direct access to Screen and AGFA parts, we can ensure a high quality system is provided but without the price tag.


Thanks to some hard work from our engineers and sales team as well as a lot of co-operation from our new customers, we managed to find a CTP system to suit the majority of customers. Most are now thriving business and in some cases, were able to expand even, partly due to StudioRIP’s diversity. The RIP system was installed on new operating software and supports a rage of devices including DI presses, CTP’s, and Proofers with no device limitations, allowing the customers to improve other aspects of their business.

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