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Case Study - JR Press



As partners of Litho Supplies/Agfa, we were tasked with supplying a second user CTP system for a customer of there’s who, until now, had been running on a DPX polyester plate CTP powered by an outdated workflow. Jr press were in the market of a future proof system that would meet their high production demand.


We had recently purchased a second user Screen 4600 engine, the perfect machine for the job. Being the latest model from screen, having a low late count, and only a couple of years old, meant this was the fastest, most durable and most future proof machine we had available. This was all new technology for JR press though so we set the engine up at our office and invited their MD down along with the print team to see the engine in action.

Whilst preparing the CTP and providing the demo, we also began looking at their workflow. Currently running an HQ version 7 on a 32bit windows 7 pc, they wanted/needed to upgrade to a more suitable system. We then scheduled a demonstration on both StudioRIP and Apogee as well as providing an option to upgrade the existing RIP to the latest version. In the end, for continuity, the customer chose the upgrade option to HQ version 12 which our engineers carried out.

Providing a new CTP wasn’t completely straight forward however. JR press, a leading produces of food wrapping products, used Ryobi presses including one 4 colour press with Ryobi’s IVS software. Just like the CTP and workflow, this software is now updated and no longer officially supported. To resolve this, we arranged for a new software to be installed into the HQ rip which converted industry standard CIP3 files into IVS files.


The installation went of without a hitch and the customer, who originally wanted to hold onto their DPX for a period after as a back up, moved straight over to their new CTP, stopping the DPX the same day.

Together with the Azura plate from Litho supplies, being processed in a CX85 we also refurbished and supplied, JR press now have a reliable CTP system running a much more durable, aluminium plate.


On top of this, they are now running up to date, 64bit software, meaning any future updates will be quick and simple.

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