Business Continuity Update From Marlowe Digital

 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The rapidly changing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a source of uncertainty for all of us. We know you’re concerned and so are we. I wanted to take the time to reassure you that we are here to support you during this challenging time, and beyond. Whilst we are prioritising the health and wellbeing of all our employees, customers, partners and suppliers, we are continuing to deliver the high-level of support you expect from us.

As well as informing all our staff of government guidelines we have also taken a number of measures, which I will list below. This list is constantly being reviewed and updated and we will inform you when this happens.

Currently all functions of:

• On-site calls will of course still be attended. We request your business is also following government guidelines and we will be asking you to complete a form to confirm this.
• All field-based staff have been issued with antibacterial wipes, hand wash and scrubbing brushes.
• Our field-based staff will be on Home support where possible to reduce unnecessary contact.
• No field-based staff may come to our head office unless approved by me (parts and supplies will be sent by courier).
• No two field-based staff are allowed to work together unless extenuating circumstance warrants it and I have approved it.
• Where possible and agreed, installations will currently go ahead but may take longer than anticipated and we may request alternative working conditions for our field staff.
• Head office staff - in anticipation of the current situation, a number of our staff have been working from home and refraining from entering the office for the last couple of weeks; this will continue for the foreseeable future.
• In the office we have antibacterial gel, and constant reminders for our staff to hand wash with antibacterial soap. In addition, we regularly clean all door handles and communal areas with antibacterial wipes. We have also increased social distancing, using the space created by a number of staff working from home.
• External visitors are no longer allowed to the office. All deliveries are left at the door.
• Regarding deliveries to you, these are continuing as usual, DX and TNT are taking extra precautions to ensure your safety, both following government guidelines.

We will not shy away from these challenging times and will make certain that at all necessary and reasonable steps are taken to ensure business continuity for the benefit of our employees and customers.

If you do require any further information regarding the above, or any information on Marlowe’s sales or service offerings then please contact us on +44 (0) 1923 262240 or email

Kind Regards
Darren Eliot
Managing Director

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